Process of acquiring land from Diaspora

As someone from the Kenyan diaspora, you 've often contemplated investing in land back home. The appeal of property investment, especially land, is undeniable due to its low maintenance requirements and the potential for increasing value over time. Fortunately, We've a step-by-step guide to help me navigate this process.  Continue Reading


What do Diaspora clients have to say?

How to make Land Payments from the Diaspora

For anyone in the Diaspora, paying for your piece of land after you purchased it from a real estate company might prove to be a challenge, especially in terms of the mode of payment.

 This, however, should not be a cause for panic because once you choose to invest with companies like Fanaka Real Estate this is something that will have already been sorted. Fanaka Real Estate strives to offer different digital solutions to its clients, just to make the process of acquiring land easy and less stressful. 

Available Projects for Sale

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Sunset Gardens

Sunset Gardens

Purpose: Building a Residential Home or For speculation purposes

Location: Malaa, 7.5km from Kangundo Road

Discounted Cash Price of Kes. 599K