Process Of Land Search In Kenya

Process Of Land Search In Kenya
The process of buying land in Kenya is definitely a critical one .

Taking into account all the necessary procedures is something that cannot be overlooked .

One of the most vital stages in the land acquisition process is the searching process .

Once you have decided to purchase a certain piece of land, the next move is to know its exact location before making any monetary transaction .

CLICK HERE TO OWN A PLOT IN KAMAKIS It is at this juncture that the land registry title number is deemed necessary .

The land title has always been regarded as a primary land-searching tool, which in absence may not assist in seeking a specific location .

Online Land Search Process in Kenya With the advancement in technology, the Kenyan government has come up with a way through which individuals can search for land on a self-service basis .

All you need is to access your eCitizen account and click on the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development .

There, you will be provided with the option to insert the land registry title number .

Once you have inserted the title number, you will be prompted to pay for the services using a credit card, debit card, bank transfers, or via Mpesa .

Upon the confirmation of payment, the applicant is allowed to print the results .

The records will remain available in the personal portal, hence you can access it each time you log in .

INTERESTED IN BUYING LAND? CLICK HERE TO CHAT US ON WHATSAPP Which Are The Details Provided Through Online Land Search In Kenya Considering that land registry entails quite a lot, the land search is expected to prompt the key details of the land, such that the owner or prospective buyer is able to develop utmost certainty on everything pertaining the piece .

History of Ownership The history of land ownership is part of the key details necessary during the land search .

This is one of the ways in which you can tell if the land in question is under joint ownership, company ownership, or it is personal property .

With the details on the people who have owned the land before, it is easy to make the decision to buy or not to buy .

Property Location This is also part of what land search results should generate .

Knowing the exact location of a piece of land is essential in the decision-making process, particularly to buy or not to buy .

The plot registration number is usually based on the location of the land in question .

Check out our site visit post and learn what to do when conducting a site visit Property Clearance Status   How do I know if my property is cleared or not? Under the eCitizen portal, it is possible to tell if your property is cleared or not .

All you need is to conduct the due search and the results will confirm if the property is cleared or not .

With the above details and more, you will be in a position to decide on the next move .

You would not want to suffer inconveniences due to lack of the due process of land search in Kenya .

Fanaka Real Estate Limited assures you land purchase and selling with all the clearance needed .

We also help with the land search for clients interested in buying land under our company .

We are here to offer you the utmost convenience in the land searching and buying process .

How to do an online land search in Kenya Log onto the e-citizen portal and sign up Click on Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development link and choose the land search option Enter the title number and fill the online land search form Kenya and submit Confirm the details and proceed to pay using the available payment method which can be a debit card, credit card, M-Pesa, or bank transfers .

Once the payment is confirmed, the applicant can proceed to print the results, and if you choose not to, the information will always be available on the portal anytime you log in .


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