Why You Should Buy Land As Opposed To A Ready Made House Along Kenyatta Road

Buying land at Kenyatta Road is better than purchasing a ready made house. Fanaka Real Estate, a certified real estate agency dealing in selling land in Ruiru, Kamakis, Juja Road and Kenyatta Road explains. First, Kenyatta Road near Juja is opening up more development as a satellite town.

The area is connected by Thika Super Highway and the Eastern and Western bypasses, thus land prices are skyrocketing year in and year out.

Buying land offers you an opportunity to invest and develop it in your own way, from commercial to rental to agriculture and leasing. In a few years after the purchase of land, one can sell it at a profit or hold onto it as an asset and collateral for loans.

Land prices range from Ksh2 million upwards and are affordable as compared to purchasing ready-made houses at higher prices than the parcels of land.

Most ready-made houses are always expensive. Buying a piece of land, especially in the outskirts of Nairobi, in satellites like Kenyatta Road is very cost effective and gives you ample time to restructure your finances.

As we mentioned earlier, the value of land increases over years and especially in an area like Kenyatta Road where development in infrastructure is on the rise.

Kenyatta Road will be one of the most developed areas in a few years and purchasing land now is better than in the future when demand is high.

Remember land is a tangible asset and its demand will always increase too. Also note that financially, payment of property taxes is lower on vacant land compared to the much spent on buying a ready made house.

Maintaining the land is also cheaper, with no costs for renovations or paying service charges before constructing or charges on services such as mowing the lawns.

The grass can be sold as pasture or hay. Fanaka Real Estate is always here to guide you.

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