Why you don’t need to break your bank to acquire land

Land tops the chats when it comes to necessities one needs to acquire but the majority of individuals shy away for various reasons. This article is for you, you do not need to break an arm and a leg to make such an investment, all you need to do is pick a flexible option that suits you.

Listed below are 4 flexible options to make the land acquiring process affordable for you.

  1. SACCO’s

SACCO loans do not have any extra charges imposed making it the go to for most individuals when it comes to acquiring loans. Unlike before, SACCO’s have grown to be quite big enabling them to give out major loans enough to buy a parcel of land of even 1.1M. They are quite flexible when it comes to giving loans as they can qualify one for a loan three times your savings.plots for sale in ruiru kamakis

  1. Loans

One of the easiest and affordable ways would be to apply for loans from banks. Most banks are quite approachable and have the cheapest interest rates for their clients as opposed to other financial institutions whose interest rates are over the roof. There are a variety of loan options offered by banks just to mention the most common:

  1. Loans made on collateral

This is basically a loan taken out and has security attached to it. For instance, if you needed to purchase a parcel of land, you can use your vehicle as your guarantee that you will service off the loan is the agreed timeline.


  1. Installment plans

When making such a purchase, it is advisable to deal with companies that offer affordable and flexible options. Fanaka is a land selling company along Kangundo road that have flexible and affordable installment options for all their clients that run for as long as 12 months.

  1. Discounts

Most companies offer discounts for their clients as a form of enticement as well as to ease the process of purchasing because who doesn’t like a discount? With discounts provided, the initial price of the product is slashed by a reasonable amount in most cases. A good example would be a land selling company along Kangundo Road by the name Fanaka, with the festive season around the corner, they have AMAZING DISCOUNTS off their products of up to 10% for cash buyers.


With the above options, it is safe to say that it is indeed true that we do not need to break our banks so as to own land, all we need to do is pick the best option that suits us.





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