Where are people buying land a lot and why

Where are people buying land a lot and why? This is a question most people ask themselves as they scout for the best possible place where they can get land to buy. This is also tied to the location which is mostly used to determine where one wants to own the piece of land or home.

Okay, Where are People Buying?

For most people who live and work around Nairobi City, you must have noticed that most of these people prefer to live and own homes in satellite towns within the city. This has seen an increase in demand for land in areas along Kangundo Road, Ngong, Kiambu, Limuru, and Kitengela, along Mombasa road.

All these places have one thing in common; they have counted as part of the Nairobi metropolitan area thanks to their proximity to the city center and the number of people residing in these areas.

The increase in the number of people in such areas has increased the demand for land especially along Kangundo road and Ruai areas which have led to the growth of other towns like Malaa, Joska, and Kamulu areas.

This has also extended to areas along the Eastern bypass including Ruiru which is the latest to attract hundreds of thousands of people looking to settle within the areas.

Here, demand for land has been overwhelming especially in areas alike Kamakis and the demand is one way to say people love the area.

Juja farm is another area that has seen a recent increase in demand for land by city residents.

Then Why?

The reason for the increase in demand for land in these areas is brought about by first the affordability of these properties.

Secondly, the availability of amenities, basic and secondary in these areas is something you wouldn’t overlook when you move here. Schools, malls, hospitals, restaurants, and many other facilities are readily available here.

Lastly, the expansion and tarmacking of Kangundo road, the Eastern bypass, and Juja farm roads have also contributed to the increase in demand for land in these areas. Once done, it will only be a matter of minutes for one to access the CBD and minimal traffic.

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