Upcoming Neighborhoods Along Kangundo Road.

In this article we are going to expound on the area that most people from Nairobi are preferring to invest in land. Kangundo road is one of the fastest upcoming locations that has been attracting local and foreign real estate investors within Nairobi Metropolis. This is due to but not limited by;
affordable land prices,
availability of ready title deeds,
affordable and readily available construction materials,
the elaborate public transport system,
cosmopolitan nature of the satellite towns of Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, and Malaa as discussed below;

1:Ruai Town.
Ruai is the first town after the Eastern ByPass intersection with Kangundo road on your way to Machakos County, only 24 Km from Nairobi CBD. Being one of the towns that people started investing in, Ruai has grown into a major satellite town over the last five years as evident by the presence of financial institutions like Equity Bank, major retail stores like QuickMart, Think Twice Clothing, Referral Hospitals like RFH as well as Business Offices for most preferred real estate companies in Nairobi like Fanaka
Due to the appreciation of land prices in the area at 18-23% per annum for the past five years, the demand for land in the other satellite towns of Kamulu, Joska and Malaa has increased to meet the market needs

2:Kamulu Town.
Located just 28km, Kamulu Town is the other upcoming town along Kangundo road. Unlike Ruai, Kamulu is more of a residential area, making it suitable for settling a family. Comparing to Ruai, Kamulu is a bit affordable matter’s land whereby a 50*100 can range from 1.1m to 2.5m. Depending on the distance from the tarmac.

3:Joska Town
Being the third stop from the bypass junction, Joska has shown immense growth over the years, from Kamulu, the town is the first one under Machakos county. Having the proposed eastern bypass cut between it, the area is so prime to invest in matters business and residential settlement.

Malaa is also an upcoming town along Kangundo road which has raised in a very short time, i must admit that for anyone with a fresh business idea, this is the best time to tap in the area because land is still very affordable. Unlike Joska and Kamulu land rates range from 399k to 800k.

With the above information, upcoming investors have a better view of Kangundo road neighborhood and the area is still very accommodative for settling and business as well.

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