The Do’s and Don’ts of buying land within Kiambu and Machakos county

Kiambu and Machakos Counties host some of the fastest-growing satellite towns in the Nairobi metropolis.

In Kiambu, Juja Road, Ruiru, and Kenyatta Road are attracting investors at a faster rate, owing to the proximity to and accessibility via the Thika Superhighway, and Eastern and Northern bypass.

Kamakis area was opened up to investment due to the dualling of the Eastern bypass set to be completed in August this year.

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The land is sold at affordable prices but unless you have a certified real estate agency with you, you may end up buying at hiked prices or being scammed.

Fanaka Real Estate, a certified real estate agency dealing in selling land in Ruiru, Kamakis, Juja Road, and Kenyatta Road, explains to you the do and don’ts of purchasing land in these two counties which have seen an influx of developers.

The Dos

Finance and Budget

Ensure that the budget is intact and within the estimates. Analyze financing options, from Saccos and Bank Loans to hard cash.

Get a certified real estate agency

An agency selling land will do most of the paperwork for you, easing the purchasing process.

They will also guide you on financing options. Fanaka offers you options to either pay in cash or on loan or on monthly installments.

It also provides you with a ready-made title deed and handles the land transfer process.


When buying land, Conduct an official search at the Land registry to track registered land owners, underlying charges such as mortgages, loans, caveats, and other restrictions and legality of the land.

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Conduct a search at the County offices to analyze key details such as whether or not land rates have been paid and are up to date and other county permissions/restrictions.

Also, consider the incentives on offer.

Check boundaries and survey

Have a surveyor look at your property to identify the boundaries. Neighbors may have encroached beyond the property lines, intentionally or not and it’s better to ascertain.

Talk to neighbors

They will assist you in understanding the restrictions and history of the area and parcel on sale.


Fence your land to keep off land grabbers and trespassers.

The Don’ts

Don’t expect a quick loan

Banks are slow to approve loans for land purchases as opposed to buying a home. Plan accordingly.

Don’t skip environmental tests

Subject the land to environmental tests, similar to a home inspection and conducting background research on a house.

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Check whether it’s arable, contaminated, or is a potential for flooding or it does not support building and construction.

Don’t trust agents to do all the work

Have your own lawyer follow up on the process.

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