The Do's and Don'ts of buying land within Kiambu and Machakos county

The Do's and Don'ts of buying land within Kiambu and Machakos county

Kiambu and Machakos Counties are home to some of the fastest-growing satellite towns in the Nairobi metropolis. 

These areas, including Juja farm, Ruiru, Kenyatta Road, and Kamakis, have become hotspots for investors due to their proximity to the Thika Superhighway and accessibility via the Eastern and Northern Bypasses. 

Kamakis, in particular, has seen increased investment opportunities with the ongoing dualling of the Eastern Bypass, set to be completed soon. 

While these regions offer land at affordable prices, it's crucial to partner with a certified real estate agency like Fanaka Real Estate to navigate potential pitfalls and ensure a smooth land acquisition process.

Here are the Dos and Don'ts of purchasing land in these rapidly developing areas:

The Dos:

  1. Finance and Budget: Ensure your budget aligns with your financial estimates. Analyze various financing options, from Saccos and bank loans to cash payments.
  2. Get a Certified Real Estate Agency: Working with a real estate agency specializing in land sales simplifies paperwork and offers guidance on financing options. 
    Fanaka, for example, provides flexible payment options, including cash, loans, and monthly installments, and facilitates the land transfer process with ready-made title deeds.
  3. Verification: Before buying land, conduct an official search at the Land Registry to identify registered landowners and assess any underlying charges, such as mortgages, loans, caveats, and legal aspects. 
    Additionally, perform a search at the County offices to review key details like land rates, payment status and county permissions/restrictions. Consider any incentives offered.
  4. Check Boundaries and Survey: Engage a surveyor to examine your property's boundaries. This helps identify any potential encroachments by neighbors, intentional or accidental.
  5. Talk to Neighbors: Seek insights from neighboring landowners. They can provide valuable information about area restrictions, historical context, and details about the parcel you're interested in.
  6. Fencing: Install fencing around your land to deter land grabbers and trespassers.

The Don'ts:

  1. Don't Expect a Quick Loan: Banks typically take longer to approve loans for land purchases compared to home purchases. Plan your finances accordingly and be prepared for potential delays.
  2. Don't Skip Environmental Tests: Conduct environmental tests on the land, similar to a home inspection. Research whether the land is arable, contaminated, prone to flooding, or unsuitable for construction.
  3. Don't Trust Agents to Do All the Work: While real estate agents are valuable, have your own lawyer follow up on the process to ensure your interests are protected and all legal procedures are followed diligently.

In summary, while Kiambu and Machakos Counties offer promising real estate opportunities, it's essential to approach land acquisition with diligence and expert guidance to secure a sound investment.

 Fanaka Real Estate stands ready to assist you in making informed decisions and navigating the complexities of land acquisition in these thriving areas.

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