The growth of satellite Towns along Thika Road.

Ruiru is a town located about 30 kilometers from the Nairobi Metropolitan City, which has over the years grown into one of the satellite towns largely inhabited by people who work in the city.
In most if not all offices in Nairobi, at least one out of 10 employees reside in or around Ruiru.

Why Ruiru still remains the preferred destination for first-time land buyers

Before growing into the satellite town that it is currently, Ruiru was a sisal and coffee plantation with just a few houses, which only belonged to the plantation managers.
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For anyone who has recently visited the area, this is no longer the case. The 6th largest urban centre in Kenya is more of a housing area.

This has highly, been fuelled by the shortage of affordable housing in Nairobi City, which forced city dwellers to seek cheap and affordable houses in the outskirts and in satellite towns that are close to the city.

The lack of affordable housing was necessitated by the increased population in the city and people needed to explore other options.

Ruiru Infrastructural development

Another factor that led to the growth of Ruiru is the infrastructural development seen around the area, the main ones being the Thika Superhighway and the eastern Bypass roads, which have made access to the area easy.

These two roads connect Ruiru residents to the city, giving them more options when leaving work for their homes and also when going to their places of work.

This has also led to the growth of commercial businesses in the region, including shopping malls, banks, hotels and recreational facilities, manufacturing companies among others.ruiru_kamakis_plots_sale (1)

The area continues to grow as many businesses are looking for areas outside of the city, where they can get affordable office and parking space for their employees and clients.

The good infrastructure network has also facilitated the establishment of tertiary educational institutions in the area, and the availability of other social amenities that make life comfortable.


Affordable plots for sale in Ruiru

Ruiru is also one of the areas that offer affordable land to customers through real estate companies like Fanaka Real Estate that offer affordable parcels of land for building homes with ready title deeds making this another reason that has seen people get attracted to the area for homes.


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