Most Attractive Areas For Both Rental and Residential Investments Along Kangundo Road.

Areas along Kangundo Road are some of the fastest-growing areas within the Nairobi Metropolitan. Common among these includes Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, Malaa, and Many others.

For this reason, real estate companies such as Fanaka and many others have set up shops to cater to the overgrowing needs for fully serviced residential plots for both commercial and residential us.

Below are some of the fastest-growing and most lucrative satellite towns along Kangundo Road within Nairobi Metropolitan:

  1. Malaa town.

Malaa is an upcoming satellite town along Kangundo Road. It is among one of the fastest-growing towns along Kangundo Road and a boost of amenities such as the City Shuttle bus terminus and a number of gated communities such as Fadhili Homs and Kamulu Heights.

If you were looking to invest along Kangundo Road, this is surely one of the great places to consider.

With a number of affordable serviced plots around the area, this should surely prove to be a great investment. A 1/8 of an acre around the area sell for around Ksh 900,000, Fanaka real estate, a dominant player around the area has a project – Eden Gardens, comprising of 50 by 100 plots selling at a discounted price of Ksh 799, 000 for the first 20 buyers.

  1. Ruai town.

Ruai town is the other great area one should consider when investing in residential or commercial land along kangundo Road.

Over the years, land prices around Ruai have continued to appreciate, with some experts placing the rate at around 18 – 23% per year. The area is a host to a number of commercial entities including; Equity Bank, Quick matt supermarket, Ruai Family Hospital just to name a few.

  1. Kamulu town.

Kamulu township located about 4 km from Ruai town is the other great area to consider when sourcing for residential and commercial land along Kangundo Road. Compared to Ruai township, land in Kamulu is considerably affordable with a serviced 50 by 100 plots selling for about Ksh, 1,400,000.

Fanaka has strongly cemented its position around this area, having sold and issued titles to more than 1500 clients. Some of their running projects include but not limited to; fortune  gardens, Kamulu Gardens, and Sunrise gardens that comprise 50 by 100 selling at around Ksh 1,100,000. Their newest project, Fortune gardens plots are discounted at Ksh 999,000 to help cushion their client during these times of Corona Virus (Covid – 19).

  1. Joska township

Located mid-way between Kamulu town and Malaa town, Joska Township is the other fastest growing area along Kangundo Road.

It is the first township under Machakos county, few meters from the Nairobi – Machakos border. Land around the area is considerably low priced compared to Kamulu, with a fully serviced 50 by 100 selling for around Ksh. 1,000,000.

Fanaka Real Estate is also a dominant player around this around, with a number of serviced properties such as Joska Greens, Joska Gardens, and Paradise Ridge just to name a few, in all these projects 1/8th an acre’s sales for only Ksh. 949,000

Like Kamulu, this area is ideal for residential, commercial, and speculative needs.

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