Joska Greens – Joska, along Kangundo road

Satellite towns along Kangundo road including Ruai – Sunrise Gardens, Kamulu – Olive Gardens, Joska –Joska Greens, and Malaa – Dhahabu Ridge, are some of the most lucrative suburbs with cheap land around Nairobi.

Most of these townships continue to appreciate and increase in prices thanks to the ever-increasing demand for land in the area.

An elaborate transport system, Availability of cheap land, Proper land documentation and Availability of social and basic amenities.

Such as water, schools, and places of worship are some of the things that have attributed to the growth of these areas into residential havens they boost today.

Introducing JOSKA GREENS –  A residential prime project comprising of 50*100 plots only 2 km from Kangundo road in Joska town a few meters from the proposed Greater Eastern Bypass.

The Greater Eastern Bypass is proposed to connect Thika-Garissa Highway through Lukenya Hills, and Mombasa road.


JOSKA GREENS is located in Joska, a satellite town along Kangundo road. 2 km off the main road, first exit on your right after Kamulu virtual weigh-bridges.


Each 1/8 plot (50*100) is selling at ksh 949, 000 which can be paid in installments of up to 12 months. For installments

-Start with as low as 30% down payment

-Choose your plan from 1 – 12 months



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Ideal for: Commercial and Residential development.

Location: Along Eastern Bypass at Kamakis

Discounted Cash Price of Kshs. 4.5M

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