Most profitable real estate investment opportunities in Kenya for those in the diaspora

Anyone working or living in the diaspora at some point thinks about coming home to invest their hard-earned income. This however can prove challenging given that they will be away most of the time and will not be able to oversee their investments growing to fruition.

Others get afraid of being conned by the people they leave in charge, but aside, there is a lot of profitable investments one can put up, especially in the real estate sector that is very profitable but requires very minimal supervision.

And while some may be thinking real estate is all about houses, it also involves land which can be used in many ways to make a profit or great income.

Rental/Commercial buildings

If you live in the Diaspora, one of the most profitable ways to invest and utilize your property is by developing property on your land which you can, in turn, rent out to people who will pay you monthly to occupy the space. This can be in the form of rental residential houses and commercial buildings whose demand is currently on the rise.


With this investment, your tenants get to just wire money into your accounts even as you continue working in the diaspora. This will only require one to make occasional visits to the properties whenever they are in the country.

Selling land

Another investment you can jump into is the business of buying and selling land. This one requires little in terms of supervision except for the fencing to mark the borders of your land. This investment allows you to go back and continue with your work, as the price of your land appreciates. Six months is enough to have the price of land go up, depending on the demand in a particular area, and with this one can have higher returns.

Renting space

While away, you can also rent out your land for other activities including farming, parking, and events among other activities that need space to go on. This is another of the many ways one can earn from investing in real estate.

The real estate business is one of the few businesses deemed to be of high returns.


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