How to own land with a 50k budget every month

We all want to own a piece of property we can call our homes and this begins by owning a piece of land. The big question, however, comes down to if there is the right age and time to do it? The answer is there’s no right time. The moment you feel the need to do it, is the right time.

One cannot talk about investment without having land in the equation because this is one area that is most invested in due to the need for space they can call their own. This is a thought that majority of Kenyans get to think about as they grow into adulthood.

This however, needs a budget to become a reality and the truth is that, you don’t have to be rich to own land and today; we show you how you can get a place to build your dream home on Kshs 50,000 budget.


Once you have identified that piece of property you want and have known the required price by the owner, you can book the land by paying a deposit to the selling company or individual. This is one of the easiest ways to own land.

Once the deposit is in, you can pay the remaining amount in over a period of time that you would have agreed with the seller of the land. Most people choose this option when investing in land.

Join a Sacco

This is another option you can choose to explore if you want to own the property without owing the owner. Sacco’s give loans up to three times one’s savings and if the land you want to purchase costs Ksh1 million, then you need to save up to at least Ksh300,000 to secure that amount. This means you will have to save the Ksh50,000 for at least six months to achieve your goal.


This is another option to help you buy land, the only difference is that you will have to wait longer to achieve the desired target amount.

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