How to make payments from the Diaspora

For anyone in the Diaspora, paying for your piece of land after you purchased it from a real estate company might prove to be a challenge, especially in terms of the mode of payment.

This, however, should not be a cause for panic because once you choose to invest with companies like Fanaka Real Estate this is something that will have already been sorted. Fanaka Real Estate strives to offer different digital solutions to its clients, just to make the process of acquiring land easy and less stressful.

how_to_make_paymentsSo, after having signed the sale agreement and provided all required documents, the next move is usually to make your payment. This is done according to how you have agreed with the company.

It can be through a bank transfer, cash deposit into their bank account, or through mobile money.

Before this, one has to have agreed on how they will pay for the piece of land; for Fanaka Real Estate, there is the option of making a one-off cash payment for the property and this usually comes with a discount of up to 4 percent of the total amount required.

Fanaka allows a payment plan, which usually goes for a period of up to 12 months. Here you have to have given a down payment of at least 30 percent of the total cost for the land. This is the most preferred way of payment by customers.

Fanaka Real Estate Ltd can also arrange for you to get a bank loan to pay for the land and settle the bank in your own time.

All these payments can be done through mobile money transfer or through the bank.

The flexibility in how one can make his payment for the land purchased is one of the ways Fanaka Real Estate ensures its clients are comfortable and satisfied with their buy.

So, being in the diaspora should not hinder you from gifting yourself with that piece of land you want.

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