Five Traits Of A Good Real Estate Company

Everyone wants to buy or invest with the best, but sometimes it is not easy to identify the best, especially in a crowded competitive market. It is worse when you buy/invest in a bad real estate company.

Here are traits of a good real estate company: –

1. Good history in delivery

Before you decide to invest or buy property from any real estate company, it is important to do research on how the company has handled previous clients from the point of engagement to handing over property or paying the investor.

Delivery is not just about issuing of title deeds or transfer of property but doing so in good time without much frustrations.

“All clients want is a smooth business. Sometimes transactions may not be good, but what matters is your company’s commitment to make things right and deliver to the client. In fact, the best businesses thrive on referral, which cannot be achieved if there is no proper delivery and customer satisfaction,” says Fanaka Real Estate Company CEO Moses Muriithi.

In real estate, a good company has ready titles for land, a flexible payment plan and a well-structured refund system in case the client fails to meet financial obligations.

2. Supportive staff

Ever been to a business entity that is only interested in your money? Well, it happens in several real estate companies, that want to just sell you a piece of land without minding what happens after that. A good company will have good staff who will give you advice on the best options for speculative, commercial and residential pieces of land.

Good staffers will even take you for a site visit and try to understand your needs first before selling your property. If you do not get such, chances are that you are dealing with people just trying to sell a property that might not be so beneficial.

3. Flexible payment plan

A real estate company services clients with varying financial muscles hence should be able to accommodate them all. One of the ways they can be accommodated includes a flexible payment plan for land buyers.

For instance, it should be able to sell property on installments or in cash. For us, we offer discounted cash prices and flexible installments of up to 12 months, where a client pays 30% down payment and the balance spread in 12 monthly installments.

4. Reasonable pricing

Some real estate firms take advantage of the demand to hike prices, only for clients to discover that they paid more than the market value of the property.

Compare and contrast prices of similar property in the market and if possible consult the experts on the real market value. Always avoid companies that hype the demand of property in some locations and in turn hike prices

5. After-sale services

After-sale-services are not just limited to shops of mobile goods, it also applies in property. For instance, you might buy a piece of land and you need to fence it, the company should be able to assist you in one way or the other.

Also, a boundary dispute may arise between you and your neighbor on a piece of land you bought. The company should be able to help you settle so that you do not incur extra costs.

However, you will need to inquire about after-sale-services from the company and other investors before you buy, since it cannot be predicted.

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