Fast developing and best places to invest along Kangundo Road

When it’s time to invest in land we all want, or at least hope to secure it in the best available places. What makes these places best is the availability of basic resources and infrastructure that will make your life there hustle free.

Some of the things land buyers consider in such cases include the area’s proximity to the city centre, which means the place should only be a few minutes away from the city, with good access roads. Security and availability of basic resources like water, and connectivity to the grid among other social amenities is also something that is seriously looked into.

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Kangundo Road begins from Outering road and goes all the way into the county of Machakos, with connecting roads that can take you all the way to Kiambu County as well. Here are some fast developing towns along Kangundo road where you can choose to buy land for your dream home;


This is the first place you will come across and certainly one of the best places you can invest in land. The proximity to the CBD with optional roads one can use to access the CBD have made this place a haven for land.

With the ever increasing demand, land prices keep rising and the earlier you make that purchase, the more you get to save.


Looking for the best place to have your family home, away from the hustles of the city this is definitely the place for you. The town is located about 4 kilometers from Ruai but still along Kangundo road.


This is still a growing town and if plan to have a long-term investment from a developing town, this is your perfect place. The town is a few kilometers from Ruai and in Machakos County.

The land still sells for less than a million for a 50 by 100 plot and the price is expected to rise with the growing demand.


Is another of the fastest growing satellite towns within the Nairobi metropolitan area and is proving a haven in the provision of homes for many city dwellers, as well as those who are planning to retire and leave the city environs.

The good thing is that companies like Fanaka Real Estate know their way around this area, having served clients in the area for over five years. It provides lands at affordable prices for anyone interested in buying in any of these areas. You can contact them on 0799001188 to book your site visit.

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