Kangundo Road Expansion Finally Begins

Kangundo Road Expansion Finally Begins
The long-awaited expansion of Kangundo road is over, The Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) has embarked on this project with the aim of easing traffic jam from Mombasa road by linking up to the Eastern Bypass .

Infrastructural development can directly be attributed to the growth of the real estate industry in a country .

Unlike other government investments, the economic benefits of infrastructural expansion are unmatched .

The Recently completion of major roads such as Thika superhighway and the Eastern bypass has had a positive knock-on effect on both the commercial and residential real estate sectors .

Along Thika superhighway, for instance, the growth of commercial establishment especially malls such as Thika road Mall, Mountain mall, Juja mall, Spur mall, and garden city mall can all directly be attributed to the upgrade of the Thika superhighway .

  Along the Eastern bypass, on the other hand, commercial hubs such as Kamakis and Vikkens’ industrial Park can all trace their establishment to the construction and upgrade of the bypass .

We expect the expansion of Kangundo road which stretches from Caltex Umoja area, off Outer ring road all the way to Kangundo town in Machakos county to have the same ripple effect on real estate in satellite town along the road .

Some of these towns include Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, Mutalia, and Malaa same of which have already started reaping the benefit of the proposed upgrade by KENHA .

What drove the upgrade of Kangundo road?   For most of the residents and real estate investor around the area, the upgrade is long overdue .

Apart from easing the traffic congestion along major roads such as Mombasa road, the expansion was driven by the following factors: The rising population of middle-class with purchasing power that had already flocked satellite towns such as Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, and Malaa towns .

The increasing demand for affordable housing that pushed most working Nairobians to invest in Major towns along Kangundo road .

The increasing population in satellite created the need to connect these towns to Nairobi Metropolis .

The needs to open up new markets and reduce commute time to and from all satellite towns around the capital city .

  What opportunities does the expansion of Kangundo road offer? We expect the expansion of kangundo road to have a great impact on the commercial and residential sector of satellite towns such as Ruai, kamulu, and Malaa .

Land prices are surely going to hick thanks to the increasing demand and attractiveness of the area .

Currently, a number of real estate companies and developers such has Hass consult, Soils Merchants, and Superior homes have already ventured into these satellite towns with major gated communities such as Cassamia in Mutalia, Kamulu heights in Malaa town, and Fadhili homes in Malaa around KBC respectively .

  When it comes to real estate, timing is everything, we say this because timing is a major obstacle for investors wanting to reap the benefit from infrastructure development .

Since the announcement of the proposal to upgrade expansion of Kangundo road to a dual carriage, there has been an increase in demand for land and other real estate properties in satellite town along the route .

We have several projects in these areas like Dhahabu Ridge Garden and Plains View in  Malaa Town, Sunrise Gardens and Kamulu Gardens   To quote William Penn Adair, “Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there .

” Take this chance to invest in any of our projects in any of the above towns .

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