The Big 4 Agenda: How Diaspora Can Benefit From Housing

The Big 4 Agenda: How Diaspora Can Benefit From Housing
One of the prime agenda that the Kenyan government has given priorities is housing .

Under the current administration, the government is trying to come up with some mechanisms that will help Kenyans access affordable housing through various strategies .

Among the key beneficiaries of this agenda are the Kenyans in the diaspora .

So, how can diaspora benefit from the big 4 agenda- housing? Below is the key benefit of housing as pillars of the government .

SEE ALSO: MORTGAGE PROVIDERS IN KENYA The housing sector will create 350,000 jobs, and provide a market for manufacturers and suppliers .

The Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company will issue bonds to local capital markets and extend longer-term loans to financial institutions to secure mortgages .

Also, there will be PPP land swaps, centralized housing for police and prisons, more activities at the NSSF, and reduced tax rates for developers who construct 100 houses a year .

There will also be a pilot scheme at Mavoko for construction of 8,200 houses .

Simplified Land Purchase Procedure It is rather unfortunate that some Kenyans living in the diaspora have been scammed or fallen prey to cons in the process of buying land .

This is one of the things that the big 4 agenda aims at addressing .

SEE ALSO:  HOW TO PURCHASE LAND IN KENYA Under this formulation, it will a mandatory requirement for land selling agencies to undergo the verification and authentication process .

That way, it will be easy to tell which property selling company is authentic or not .

Fortunately, Fanaka Real Estate Limited is among the few companies in Kenya that are verified and authenticated on matters of selling, buying, and management in real estate .

The company provides simplified land buying process even for those in the diaspora .

In the interest of making the big 4 agenda on housing true, Fanaka Real Estate Limited is focused on offering the swift, convenient, efficient, and effective process of buying land in installments or in full .

Gradual Ownership of Property It is rather understandable that buying land or property all at once may be a challenge .

This is why part of the big 4 agenda focuses on a mechanism that will gradually help individuals own property through gradual payments and deductions .

In support of the government’s agenda, Fanaka Real Estate Company has a prime focus on helping individuals in the diaspora undergo the property buying process easily and gradually .

This means that the company does not necessarily require you to provide full payment in land or property acquisition process .

If you are worried on the manner in which you can make payments, Fanaka Real Estate Limited has the ideal mechanism for you .

Having been trusted since the beginning, and having handled numerous transactions successfully, you are undoubtedly guaranteed that your money is safe with us .

We have the options of payment via Mpesa or directly to the bank .

You are at liberty to contact us directly to initiate the process of payment .

You can buy land in installments in Kenya easily with the help of our company .

Affordable Housing Affordability is certainly an important factor to consider .

The prime pillar of the housing agenda by the Kenyan government is affordability .

What does affordable housing mean for Kenyans? According to The Economic Times, affordable housing is units that are reasonably priced for that section of society with the median household income or below .

The National Affordable Housing Summit Group of Australia defines Affordable Housing as housing that is reasonably adequate in standard and location for lower or middle-income households and does not cost so much that a household is unlikely to meet other basic needs on a sustainable basis .

To foster this achievement, Fanaka Real Estate Limited is committed to helping you locate the ideal plots in well-connected areas at affordable prices .

Conclusion There is absolutely no doubt that the government of Kenya is concerned about the housing and development sector .

Fanaka Real Estate Limited is equally concerned in helping individuals in diaspora get affordable housing through a simplified process .


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