Benefits of investing along Eastern Bypass

Eastern Bypass expansion; benefits of investing in this area – Amara

The news of the expansion of the Eastern Bypass came as good news for regular users of the road that has had a traffic nightmare for a very long time.

The road links the Thika Superhighway and Mombasa Road and has been experiencing crazy traffic with area residents seeking alternatives especially when looking to get to the city.zawadi

The road serves the majority of city workers who reside in areas of Ruai, Ruiru, Utawala, and Embakasi areas.

In November 2021, the expansion of the road into a dual carriage began in a bid to ease traffic on the road. The expansion is expected to cost about Sh12.5 billion and will ease traffic on the road.

It is also expected to cover a distance of 28 kilometers.

What this means for users and people who reside along the Eastern Bypass is that traffic will soon be something of the past, this is one of the biggest benefits the expansion will bring to the area.

profitable opportunitiesInvesting in any area along the Bypass will save you a lot of time moving from one point to another, time which you can use to do other things.

A place like Amara Court which is part of Fanaka real estate’s properties up for sale is one of those located along the Eastern Bypass.

Choosing to buy a piece of land here for your dream home or family home will mean that it will only take you 40 minutes to get the CBD.

Amara Court which is located in Ruiru Kamakis has well developed infrastructure including the all-weather main service roads, readily available water and is connected to the grid. It also has easy access to neigbouring areas within Ruiru.

The area also has amenities including schools; from ECD to tertiary level, hospitals, security is guaranteed, churches as well as social joints.

It is a gated community which means on a limited number of people will be able to access the court as well as those leaving.

Investing in Amara Court will be putting your money to good use, which you will get value for!


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