What are Cost benefit analysis when investing in land – Juja farm

Land is known to have one of the highest return investments; however you choose to invest in it. This is also as practical as it comes and I will show you how.

Land requires little or no maintenance at all and what this means is that you will never have to worry about it at any point. While your land is laying there unused, one thing that is certain is that its value continues to increase.

For instance if you bought your piece of land in Juja farm at about Sh800,000 and you have it lying unattended to for say a year, with the ongoing modernization of the Juja farm road and its expansion, the price of land will have doubled and you can sell it at double the amount or even more.

That will mean your selling price, if you decided to, will be between Sh1.6 million to Sh2 million.

You can also have apartments for rent built on your piece of land and this will mean you making money every end of the months from your property.

The upside to this is that the ongoing expansion of Juja road will mean that the amount of rent charged will increase because of the demand for houses that is going to come from the expansion.

People will be looking to move here as they run away from congested places, others will be looking for spaces to set up their businesses and this is another area you can tap into and earn yourself some very good income.

The expansion of Juja farm is going create more jobs and this will attract more people around the area, which will mean parking spaces will be a need and that is one of the businesses you can tap into instead of letting your land sleep without any activity going on.

People like affordable parking and if you charge a Sh100 in a space that accommodate up to 50 cars a day, you will have made a cool Sh5,000. If multiplied by a year, your guess is as good as mine.

The point is, investing in Juja farm could be the best thing one will have done to themselves in the near future.

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