Areas to buy land under 800k along Kangundo road

Buying a piece of land is the ultimate endgame for most of us but the challenge mostly comes in when it comes to getting the finances to actualize this. It has also stopped many people from owning land or their dream homes.

The higher the demand for land as is currently is, the higher the cost goes, just like for any other business out there. This has however, not stopped people from buying land and most have opted to go for that which they can afford.

Plots for sale in malaaFor instance, someone who can only spare half a million would rather look for a property that falls within his budget compared to going for one that is way above their budget because it only gets to hurt their pocket more, yet they can have the same size of land only that it will be at a different place.

Companies like Fanaka Real Estate are known to cater for people from all walks of life and the best part is that you get to work within your budget. In their latest addition to the various plots that they sell along Kangundo Road, Taji Gardens which is located in the Kantafu neighborhood just a few kilometres off Kangundo Road offers land – a 50 by 100 plot at Sh550,000.

This is affordable, compared to other areas which go as high as double the amount, around the same area.

The best part is that Taji Garden is in a gated community setup which is ideal for a residential home. The roads are well graded and all other essential amenities are available. The lands have ready title deeds.

Fanaka also provides for flexible payment plans of up to 12 months and so you will not have to wait to begin the land ownership process.

A lot can change in a year in the land business and so instead of just saving to get to buy your favorite piece of land, you can as well get to it by paying for it in bits. Land prices appreciate with every time that passes by.

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