5 Great Ways To Make Use Of The Kamulu Gardens Project.

There’s something very visceral about having your own piece of land, whether it’s a little scrap of green terrace or a vast expanse of fertile bottomland. Ownership (or rentership) of ground tugs at a series of primal instincts—to cultivate, to promote growth, to improve, and ultimately to enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Urban dwellers satisfy this drive by planting flowers in window boxes and herbs in pots on apartment ledges. Suburbanites lavish attention and money on carpet-thick lawns and sculpted terraces. Rural denizens concentrate their efforts on a particular field or specific livestock. Yet, in each case, there is always an ultimate goal, to manage the soil and land to achieve some direct benefit.

So here are 5 great ways you can make use of Kamulu Gardens project:

1. Build your dream home

We believe you treasure your family as much, you will go out of your way to make sure they have the best comfort that life can ever bring. The availability of all social amenities and security in Kamulu Gardens makes it a perfect place to build your dream home and secure your family’s future.

2. Buy and re-sell after price has appreciated

Some of the top billionaires in the world have made their money through this strategy. Placing your money into strategic real estate projects is one of the surest ways of making good money. In the next 2 to 10 years, the price of Kamulu Gardens would have skyrocketed.

3. Farming lease

Yes, we are talking wheat, maize, beans and crops similar to that. Kenya’s economy runs on agriculture as much as other industries are growing.

Naturally, you will need to have an area on your land that is open and can be accessed by a tractor, but then again it doesn’t have to be a lot of acreage. Kamulu Gardens is a great location for this use.

Most farmers are looking for land where they can plant.

All the owner has to do is set up a lease agreement and then watch the income roll in month after month as he await the land value to appreciate.

4. Build a retirement home

You can comfortably build a retirement home in Kamulu Gardens either for yourself and for your own family or for your parents.

The serenity of the project makes it a perfect place to build a retirement home.

5. Buy a gift for a loved one:

One of the best gifts that you can bequeath one of your dear ones to mark a certain momentous occasion or achievement is a lovely house that sits on one of the prime-most locations in Kiambu. The beneficially of such a gesture would live to forever cherish you.

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