4 Areas within Nairobi metropolitan with great infrastructure for those looking to buy land

Infrastructure largely affects the development of an area as it opens it up to investment. Land is one of the assets whose price and development rise upon the construction of infrastructure.

Tenants and homeowners are drawn to areas with good infrastructure owing to the need to satisfy life necessities.

Fanaka Real Estate details four areas within Nairobi Metropolitan with great infrastructure for those looking to buy land.


Ruiru is one of the most populous sub-counties in Kenya. The town was boosted by the construction of both the Thika Superhighway and the Eastern bypass.

The 39-km bypass starts on the Ruiru-Kiambu road and then crosses the Northern Bypass and the Ruiru railway line to join into Thika Road, then crosses Kamiti, Gathara-ini and Nairobi rivers into Ruai.

Kamakis is located along the Eastern bypass, making the town, alongside Ruiru two of the most attractive satellite towns.

The primary objective of the dualling of the Eastern bypass was to create a shorter route to and from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, for those keen to avoid the traffic along Mombasa Road.

A majority of those targetted by the road were over 60 major industries, companies, godowns and a number of higher learning institutions such as Zetech University and Kenyatta University branch in Ruiru.

Construction of the Eastern bypass saw a plethora of businesses sprout along the highway. This includes Tatu City, the next business frontier in the country, a Special Economic Zone.

The price of an acre in Kamakis-Ruiru recently jumped 17.5 per cent to an average of Ksh14.8 million.

Juja Farm Town

Juja Farm is located off the Thika Superhighway, to be precise, a 10-minute drive from the highway and a one-hour drive from Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

It is one of the fastest developing areas within the Nairobi Metropolitan area attracting land buyers.

Other than the Thika Superhighway, development in Juja Farm Town was boosted by the expansion of Juja Farm Road.

The seven-kilometre stretch connects Juja farm to Juja town in Kiambu County and is part of the 30-kilometres of road renovation opening up the region through to Komo, Githima and the Garissa Highway.

Construction of the road ended the poor transport issues many industries, schools, and residential areas at Juja Farm faced.

It also enhanced security for the gated communities as more police stations were built in the area.

Juja Farm also sprouted due to the demand for housing in Juja largely contributed by the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Kamulu Town

Joska-Kamulu is located in Ruai in Kasarani, a constituency in Nairobi County.

The town is 35 kilometres and a 30 minutes drive from Nairobi CBD and a few minutes away from Machakos County.

It is accessible via both Thika Road and Mombasa Road and is one of the most popular satellite towns that has attracted commuters working in the city.

Kamulu can also be accessed via the Eastern Bypass. Expansion of Kangundo Road to a dual carriageway opened up the area for investment.

The town is also a tourist attraction area with scenic views of Mount Kilimambogo and spectacular Lukenya Hills sunset.

Areas around Kenyatta Road

Kenyatta Road is located along Kenyatta road, exit 14 off Thika Superhighway.

Areas, where land can be purchased here, include Zahara Courts.

Tenants here enjoy amenities such as exotic hotels, beautiful sceneries, improved roads and highways and security due to the increased number of police stations.

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