3 Top pointers you should consider when investing in land in Kenya

Most Kenyans living abroad always look forward to investing back at home, and as much as some opt to invest in other businesses the majority of Kenyans living in Diaspora go for the property; Land, and houses.

One of the biggest reasons they do this is that property and especially land needs very little to no maintenance at all as soon as one has purchased it.

For the houses, one does not need to worry about what will happen to it because you can still rent it out and make money out of it, at the end of every month.

Before one gets to enjoy the above benefits, however, they need to make a point of purchasing these properties, and today, we take you through the key things you need to make this investment a success.

Trusted partner

One of the biggest and most crucial decisions someone in the diaspora has to make is to find a trusted partner (Real estate company) to buy the property from.

This is because many Kenyans living in the diaspora have fallen victims to con people who claim to be land agents or have land, they can sell at affordable rates.

plots for sale in MALAAIt is highly recommended that you buy property from an incorporated company and not an individual.

These companies must have a physical office, social media presence, offer site visits, and allow for land searches before one goes ahead with the purchase.

Sale agreement

Once the above is done, and you are satisfied with the property, a sale agreement has to be presented, which acts as a contract between the real estate company and the buyer in Diaspora.

This is where the entire exchange will be outlined, including the mode of payment. Some real estate companies offer different forms of payments that best suit the client’s requirements.

They include Cash, Loan facility, and Instalments.

Client documents

The following documents will also be required from the client living in Diaspora to complete the process.

  1. A copy of ID,
  2. copy of PIN,
  3. and three passport-size photos are all sent via mail.

This is, however, different depending on the company one chooses to buy from.

Once the above is done, the sale process is complete, and one will only await to receive his title deed once all the payment is completed as agreed by the two parties.