How to explore huge opportunities that lie in fast growing satellite towns around Nairobi Metropolitan area

The sprouting of towns or satellite towns within a given area signifies the growth in development of that particular area. This is, however, just the beginning of a place evolving into a metropolitan area.

Nairobi is one such place that has over the years grown and continues to grow, being the capital city of Kenya. This growth has been necessitated by very many factors among them the establishment of business, rural to urban migration of people in search for better jobs or at least an income.

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This has also created an influx in demand for services and products in its suburbs and the growth of satellite towns, which in turn create opportunities that only need to be identified and tapped into.

Some of the biggest opportunities that are in these budding satellite towns include real estate business because of the demand for housing in such places both for high end, middle class and low-income earners who all need places to stay or call home as they hustle in the city.

The real estate business includes a lot but for satellite towns, owning land can earn you a very good amount of money aside from your daily job that brings a regular income. This is simply because people need space for schools, hospitals, restaurants, churches, and residential properties among others.

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One of the things you can do here is own a piece, or pieces of land which can be converted into many income earning activities aside from building say rental apartments, you can just rent space for parking in such areas to the many residents living these towns who struggle to find places to park their cars. It is public knowledge that most city residents own cars, especially the middle-income earners.

You can get into the business of buying and selling land in these areas, which is a very viable business since land requires little to zero maintenance depending on what you intend to do with it.

kamulu plots for saleYou can also convert your property into a picnic place where families can come rest during weekends at a fee. Other things you can do is distribution of building material to area residents or have a supermarket where they have their one stop shopping instead of getting basic commodities from the city.

You can also use your property to practice different kinds of farming.

This is just to show you how a lot of opportunities lie in the satellite towns around the Nairobi Metropolitan area, and which if given a chance one should never hesitate to explore

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