Pros And Cons Of A Gated Community

While some people prefer a personalized setting of housing, others opt for a gated community.  The truth is that the gated community setting of housing comes with its own share of benefits and downsides. What does it mean to be gated? What constituted a gated community.

A gated community is simply a residential setting that is characterized by strict control of entry and exit of people, bicycles and cars.

Perimeter walls surrounding the entire property area further characterize the said residential setting. In most cases, the gated community comes with a set of rules, which the residents and visitors must adhere to.

The Benefits of Gated Community

Among the benefits enjoyed in a gated community include:

  • Sense of Security

Considering that the movements in and out of the gated community are closely monitored, there emanates the sense of security among the residents.

Do gated communities have cameras? Yes. Most of the gated communities have cameras and a control center where those responsible for security do their monitoring. With such, it is possible to detect any security threat and act accordingly. However, it is not all gated communities have cameras.

  • Reduction in Crime

Do gated communities reduce crime? Yes. One of the ways in which crime is reduced in gated communities is that residents become keepers of each other.

In fact, individuals living in gated communities are usually familiar with each other, since it is more or a family form of relationship formed. With such connections, it is easy for residents to raise an alarm should an instance of crime emanate.

  • Privacy

The fact that a gated community exists within perimeter fences and that there is close monitoring of activities at the various gates brings out the sense of privacy.

Anyone entering a gated community feels that the environment is private.  Moreover, it becomes possible to conduct personal activities and operations without interference with the outside world.

The Drawbacks of Gated Community

Among the cons of gated communities include:

  • Expensive Houses

Considering that gated communities come with additional benefits as compared to other regular establishments, the amount of money that each house goes for is remarkably high. Gated communities are therefore not within the limits of affordable housing.

  • Strict Rules

Some of the rules applicable in a gated community may be an inconvenience to some people. For instance, there may be the rule of painting houses in a specific color. 

Aside from that, there may be strict regulation of trash collection and disposal. In as much as the rules are meant to create the right environment, they may not be in the taste of all individuals.

  • Invasion of Privacy Through Constant Monitoring

Monitoring of activities is definitely a great idea for security purposes. However, the sense that the guards know every person who pays you a visit is in itself an invasion of privacy.

Can police patrol gated communities? This is usually not the case but it may be necessary for instances of security threats. In essence, close monitoring is not entirely friendly to privacy.


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