4 reasons why you need to buy land within Nairobi Metropolitan

In Kenya land is a phenomenon that intrigues many, to those who can afford it, it is a pleasure, an indescribable possession to those who are not financially endowed, and above all a treasure to keep.

Land rates in Kenya vary from one another according to various factors such as size, location, accessibility to roads, electricity availability, sewerage, water, and many more.

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  1. Cost of Land in Nairobi Metros

Comparing to the Nairobi CBD land prices which are not anything less than Ksh 90 million, the Nairobi Metro areas offer a little bit cheaper and affordable land.

The prices of land in the Nairobi Metro areas vary from one another ranging from; 9.6M in Juja, 9.9M in Ongata Rongai, and 9.2M in Athi River per acre.kamakis plots for sale in ruiru

In other metro towns, the prices of land are relatively cheaper.

Take for instance Kangundo road, research proves that this area is thriving with affordable land but not for long as the area is rapidly growing by the day.

  1. Cost of living

In comparison to the CBD, the cost of living in the Nairobi metro is quite affordable. A good example would be grocery shopping costs.

evergreen sold outFor instance, along Kangundo road, there are quite a number of markets that sell fresh groceries straight out of the farm as most of the vendors are farmers thus fresher and affordable groceries.

  1. Environment

The environment in these areas are very conducive for settlement since there is no much congestion compared to Nairobi CBD. The areas are also free from noise pollution, as well as emissions from gases from motor vehicles.

  1. Price Appreciation

While you are buying land, you need to be in the position to balance between buying expensive land within the CBD or a more affordable and pocket-friendly piece of land within the Metros.

Lands in the Metros are appreciating by the day and acquiring a piece of land would be one of the best investments yet that one can make.

The population in the areas is rapidly growing and so is the infrastructure which enables the value of land in the area to appreciate by the day.

Buying land in the Nairobi metros is by far the better option for anyone who wishes to settle close to CBD. Prices of land in the area are affordable, the surrounding environment is cleaner, there is more space for expansion and cost of construction is much lower as compared to within CBD.

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